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Governance and committees

Board of Trustees 

Trustee and Chair of the Board

Slate Grocery REIT's majority independent Board of Trustees brings together a strategic combination of skill-sets with vast real estate, finance, and cross-border experience. Our board is committed to best-in-class corporate governance, and is comprised as follows:

Slate Grocery REIT - Board/Committee Composition

Name Independent Audit Investment Compensation, Governance and Nominating
Andrea Stephen (Chair) Yes Member Member Member
Colum Bastable Yes Chair Member Member
Patrick Flatley Yes   Member  
Marc Rouleau Yes  Member   Chair
Blair Welch No   Member  
Brady Welch No      



Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is comprised of independent members of the Board of Trustees, appointed on an annual basis for the purpose of overseeing the REIT's financial controls and reporting in addition to monitoring whether the REIT complies with financial covenant and legal regulatory requirements governing financial disclosure matters and financial risk management.

Members of the Audit Committee include Colum Bastable (Chair), Marc Rouleau and Andrea Stephen.

Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committees

The Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committees is comprised of independent members of the Board of Trustees, appointed on an annual basis. The committee is charged with overseeing board effectiveness, trustee selection, considering questions of management succession, administering securities-based compensation plans and assessing the overall performance and compensation of management of the REIT, among other responsibilities.

Members of the Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committee include Marc Rouleau (Chair), Colum Bastable, and Andrea Stephen.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has the overall responsibility to ensure that the REIT's investment decisions are consistent with the Investment Guidelines and Operating policies as set forth in the REIT's Declaration of Trust. The committee will carry out its responsibilities with a view to achieving the REIT's strategic objectives of assembling a portfolio of high quality assets and delivering the benefits of such real estate to unitholders.

Members of the Investment Committee include Colum Bastable, Pat Flatley, Andrea Stephen and Blair Welch.

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